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Project Chair
In the train towards London we met Mr. v.d. Winkel form Casala. We talked and we told him our business. He asked if we could develop a chair, conform the latest rules and regulations regarding. The chair should be easy to couple and stack. This resulted in the following chair which received the RED DOT award for excellent quality product design.

Esquisse - creativity through technology - is an invention agency which produces inventions / patents on demand or develops complete mechanical / electronic systems for third parties.

Projects are accepted after agreement of hour rate, lump sum or royalty percentage.
This has resulted in several patents and international design / invention awards.

All projects from Esquisse are commercially successful and Esquisse has always been able
to achieve all predefined technical goals.

Esquisse worked in various industries, for example, automotive aerospace, offshore,
consumer electronics and heavy industry.

Esquisse is known for its scientific approach and broad technical knowledge. This, in
combination with the use of the latest simulation tools results in extremely fast time to market.

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